One Million Steps

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The National Million Steps Challenge

January 2020

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Where will your Million Steps take you?™

The Million Steps Challenge:

Your Life, Your Challenge, Your Way™

Walking is great for our physical and mental health. But we tell ourselves we can’t find the time, we’re tired, we’ll start tomorrow

But, big things can happen from very small beginnings when you take the January 2020 National Challenge and get a great start to your New Year Resolutions

Walk, jog, run or even dance your way to 10,000 steps a day for 100 days. Those one million steps add up to awesome 500 miles!

Use our pedometer and app to challenge yourself, compete with friends, and even raise money for a good cause

No more travelling to events, overnight stays, worries about training, expensive entry costs or high fundraising targets.

Includes a Bluetooth pedometer, specially designed app and a 100 day journey with habit charts, mindfulness, Pilates and Strength training.

One Simple Complete System

Make your difference with pedometer and app

Track steps, active minutes, active hours, distance, calories burnt, and get buzz reminders to move!

There’s no need for daily updates or sending proof.

Taking the challenge with friends is simple and you can compete in mini-challenges, climb that leaderboard, and shout out success on social media.

We want you to succeed! Our complete system brings people together for peer support and helps keeps everyone on track.

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A Specially Designed App

to help you reach recommended activity guidelines*

  1. Steps 10,000 is your target but more is always better. Banking steps helps on slower days
  2. Active Minutes 30 mins of moderate exercise a day or at least 150 mins a week
  3. Active Time Your total moving time in one day. 60 minutes is your goal
  4. Active Hours Vibration alerts to get 300 steps per hour. Try 9 x 3 minutes Mini-HIIT sessions!
  5. 7 Day Average Keep your eye on this indicator. Persistency and consistency are your friends
  6. Bragging Rights Use these estimates to track what you have accomplished
  • Weight Tracker Check in once a week and chart your progress
* Activity guidelines as recommended by the NHS, Centre for Disease Control, American Heart Foundation and World Health Organisation
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Mini Challenges and leaderboards

To help push you just that little bit more

Sometimes we need that extra encouragement. That's where a leaderboard and mini challenges can motivate us

Having a short term goals, breaking down the task and the pride of achieving little targets - it all adds up to crossing that finishing line.

From a 24 hour Burst, to a 14 day Reboot to the awesome 30 day Rejuvenator - mini challenges get everyone back on target.

Remember, persistency and consistency are your friends and these are the triggers to building new habits

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Active Time




The Hardware

The Model 1822 Tracker

A robust, easy to use bluetooth fitness tracker that syncs with our app to help meet your targets

It comes with a clear 0.87” Touch Screen, IP65 waterproofing, a chipset from Nordic, Norway and a 3D accelerometer from Bosch, Germany.

The 7 day battery life, and vibration feature to buzz you to move, suited our mission goals perfectly - to help you focus on your Million Steps Challenge

Charging is super easy too! No need for an external charger. Just pull apart the strap and plug it into a USB port.

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Feel Good + Do Good

Make your difference with integrated fundraising

Choosing The Million Steps Challenge is an amazing thing because 500 miles is almost 19 marathons in 100 days!

So why not get the extra motivation to cross the finishing file by supporting a good cause?

It’s easy! We do the hard work with integrated fundraising pages and social media sharing tools to help reach your target.

Just ask friends and family to support your One Million Steps Challenge and off you go!

So watch out for some fantastic charities in the next few months.

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But Wait - That's Not All!

It’s a 100 day journey and we care about health and wellbeing.

From Habit Loops, Meditation, Pilates to Strength Exercises

We want to keep you learning and moving – because every step counts!

Habits Loops

Build them with FREE printable habit tracking Charts

Strength & Conditioning

Everyday exercises for the whole body


An introduction to meditation and positive living


Core postures get your body stretching

Awards and Recognition

One Million Steps

Where will your million steps take you?

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